C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

I'm a PhD student in computer vision at University College London. Before this, I worked on interactive global illumination as a research intern at NVIDIA in Helsinki, Finland. My research interests involve image-based rendering, 3D reconstruction (using stereo and depth cameras), intrinsic images, physically based rendering and differential rendering.

In June 2015 I was awarded the highest grade for my Master's degree in computer science from the University of Helsinki. During my studies in Helsinki I also worked both full- and part-time as a systems software engineer at NVIDIA. Aside from my research interests, I'm passionate about GPU programming and real-time graphics.


Casual 3D Photography
Peter Hedman, Suhib Alsisan, Richard Szeliski and Johannes Kopf
To appear, SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 visual.cs.ucl.ac.uk/pubs/casual3d/
Scalable Inside-Out Image-Based Rendering
Peter Hedman, Tobias Ritschel, George Drettakis and Gabriel Brostow
SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 visual.cs.ucl.ac.uk/pubs/insideout/
Sequential Monte Carlo Instant Radiosity
Peter Hedman, Tero Karras and Jaakko Lehtinen
I3D 2016 visual.cs.ucl.ac.uk/pubs/smcir/
Multi-view Reconstruction of Highly Specular Surfaces in Uncontrolled Environments
Clément Godard*, Peter Hedman*, Wenbin Li and Gabriel J. Brostow
3DV 2015 - Oral visual.cs.ucl.ac.uk/pubs/shapefromreflections/
*Joint first authors.


June 2016 -
June 2017
PhD intern at Facebook, where I worked in the Computational Photography group (Seattle) on the Casual 3D Photography project.
December 2013 -
May 2014
Intern at NVIDIA Research, where I worked on my Master's thesis on indirect illumination.
January 2012 -
November 2013
Systems software engineer at NVIDIA Helsinki in the Android Browser team. Worked with a heavily threaded C++ application, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, WebKit, Skia and OpenGL ES2.
May 2011 -
January 2012
Software engineering intern at NVIDIA Helsinki where I optimized Flash3D for the NVIDIA Tegra platform. Wrote patches in both the Flash3D code base and the OpenGL ES2 driver.
June 2007 -
January 2011
Occasional work as a software developer, with tech support and as an IT-teacher for the visually impaired. Employer: Norra Österbottens svenska synskadade.


August 2014 -
PhD student in computer vision (University College London)
I work in the Vision and Imaging Science group at UCL where the focus of my research is on 3D reconstruction and image-based rendering.
January 2012 -
June 2015
Master's degree in Computer Science (University of Helsinki)
I studied computer graphics and machine learning while extending my mathematics minor and got the highest grade in all courses. I also graduated with the highest grade for my Master's thesis "Sequential Monte Carlo Instant Radiosity" (helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/156669).
September 2009 -
January 2012
Bachelors degree in Computer Science (University of Helsinki)
With a minor in mathematics. My thesis was, “Triangle based and voxel based rendering in real-time graphics” phogzone.com/bscthesis.pdf (in Swedish).
September 2005 -
June 2008
Matriculation exam (Jakobstads Gymnasium)
Grades: English (Laudatur - 7/7), Mathematics (Eximia - 6/7), Swedish (Eximia - 6/7), Physics (Magna cum laude - 5/7), History (Magna cum laude - 5/7).


Programming languages I've used for large projects and use on a regular basis:

C, C++, CUDA, GLSL, Python.

Programming languages I've used for smaller projects and use occasionally:

Java, C#, Go, R, MySQL.

Technologies and libraries I know:

OpenGL, DirectX, Eigen, Ceres Solver, Numpy, OpenCV, NVIDIA OptiX Prime, Android SDK/NDK, WebKit.

Human languages:

Swedish (primary language), English (fluent), Finnish (conversational), French (limited).


November 2013 Developed a prototype that performs real time face recognition on smart phones. The smart phone application makes use of an online database of faces that the user can maintain using a web application. phogzone.com/portfolio.html#stalkr
May 2013 Wrote a bidirectional path tracer as the final project the advanced course in interactive computer graphics at the Aalto university. phogzone.com/bidirectional
September 2012 -
Member of the game development group Fruitboars (fruitboars.com). We're developing Boar3D, a game engine written from scratch in C++ and DirectX 11. phogzone.com/portfolio.html#boar3d
Interests Coffee, playing guitar, Karate, game development.